Reel Mac and Cheese

On a rare sunny January day in Vancouver I happened to be in Downtown and noticed that there was a food truck festival going on in front of the art gallery. I asked my friend who works nearby to come down right away and have lunch with me 😉

There were A LOT of people since it was lunch hour, but there were also almost 10 trucks on the lot. I walked around a few times before settling on Reel Mac and Cheese:


I figured that since it was my last week in Vancouver, I should be eating the most ‘western’ food available. Plus it had one of the longest line up, so it had to be good, right?

Apparently I was wrong…



They had 4 choices on their menu (as seen above) and I went for the Green Mile for $8.

The Green Mile – Classic Gourmet Mac and Cheese with Fresh Broccoli Florets, topped with Crispy Onions and I added Extra Bacon Bits for $2

  • The macaroni was cooked somewhat on the softer side, but I didn’t have an issue with it as it went well with the creamy sauce
  • The cheese sauce wasn’t cheesy or salty enough for me. Yes it was very rich and creamy, but I was expecting something more gooey and cheese-like. Actually, I would even describe it as a white sauce with a slight cheesy taste. Also this might be the spicy-loving side of me talking, but I don’t think I could have finished it without adding the hot sauce as it was a bit too flat.
  • I like the crispy onions as they added some crunch and made the texture more interesting. Not sure if I saw correctly but I think the lady got the onion bits from a potato chip package, which means they might have used pre-packaged fried onions instead of frying their own..?
  • I totally regret adding the $2 for the extra bacon bits. It didn’t taste strong enough and it was completely overpowered by the bland sauce. Besides, $2 for adding a topping of anything is pretty much a rip-off…can’t believe I fell for that =.=

I guess this is another lesson learnt for me..just because you see a long line-up outside of a restaurant/food truck it doesn’t mean that they’re good. Definitely not worth $10.

Reel Mac and Cheese on Urbanspoon


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