Taylor Shellfish Farms at Samish

My friend and I travelled down to the States to do some last-minute grocery shopping before my move back to HK. It was a super nice day out so I suggested to have lunch at Taylor Shellfish Farm.

The location we went to is in Bow (along Chuckanut Drive) so it’s pretty hard to find. The first time I went there we had to make 3 detours and took us almost an hour! Your best bet would probably be to take exit 230/231 Chuckanut Dr and drive back up north along the shore. Once you start seeing a lot of small restaurants on the hillside then you know you’re getting near. Look for a large sign that leads to a downhill slope.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures that day so there’s no picture of the store itself. For a remote location they are actually pretty busy for a weekday afternoon.

Also, the main appeal to visiting this place would be the view. Their products aren’t particularly cheap, plus they charge for shucking, lemons, tabasco, etc., but you’re welcome to bring the tools and condiments yourself. So you better come prepared or you’d end up spending a lot. There are also empty charcoal grills, so if you bring your own charcoal you can use them for free and grill your seafood on the spot.

We ordered a dozen of each Pacific oysters and Kumamoto for around $30 in total. It was served to us in a basket filled with ice, very rustic hahaha.

IMG_1148 IMG_1149 IMG_1152

I’m no oyster connoisseur so I can’t comment on the flavour, but I can tell you that eating a dozen oyster in one go next to the sea is AWESOME 😀 I’ve never had kumamoto before and I liked it better than the pacific as it had more flavour. The Pacific was a bit too watery for me, but since they are big I loved chewing on them hahaha.


The weather was awesome that day ❤ Perfect for sitting by the sea and pondering about life hehehe

Since I don’t have any pictures of the store, here’s a funny one that I found on one of their notice boards


Ha..ha..ha.. #seafoodpuns

Anyhowwwww….do make a visit if you plan on a road trip down south. Only on sunny days though, I’ve been here on a rainy day before and the drive was difficult, plus it was freezing cold down by the shore 😦

Can’t find the Bow location on urbanspoon so I’ll just link it to the Capitol Hill store.

Taylor Shellfish on Urbanspoon

P.S. One day in HK when I was in the Tai Po area, I found out that they actually have an outlet store in HK! I thought it was a copycat at first but their website did confirm that it’s real. It’s only a retail store so there’s no place to sit and eat, but I’ll go check it out some time.


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